Generate Random Dates In T-SQL

Generate Random Dates T-SQL
Have you ever needed to create a random date in SQL over a group of rows? Whenever I build a ...
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SQL Server Learning Resources

Favorite SQL Server Resources
Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of SQL Server resources? Where do you start? In this article, I offer ...
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DP-300 Azure Flashcards

Free Azure DP-300
Are you prepping for Microsoft’s DP-300 exam? Stayed tuned for a technique I’ve used to pass all my exams.  Starting ...
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Benefits of SQL Stored Procedures – Maintainability

Benefits of SQL Stored Procedures
Are you trying to convince developers to use Stored Procedures rather than inline SQL or an ORM, say Entity Framework? ...
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Pausing Dedicated SQL Pools with Synapse Pipelines

Pausing Dedicated SQL Pools
Do you forget to pause Azure resources? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Implementing the process below will save ...
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