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Are you prepping for Microsoft’s DP-300 exam? Stayed tuned for a technique I’ve used to pass all my exams. 

Starting as a teen, I’ve used flashcards to study for exams. To this day, I still make them. The paper index cards have long since retired. Quizlet was the first flashcard app I tried. Over the past two years, I’ve switched to an excellent product called Anki.

Above all, If you have never used spaced repetition software before, I recommend giving it at least the old college try. 

You can download the open-source desktop app. The installation and setup only took me a few minutes. Anki does charge for an IOS app, which I’ve never used. One of the nice features of Anki is all the user-created plugins. You can find several tutorials on YouTube for getting started. 

In truth, preparing for the DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure exam was no different. Over a few weeks, I created 150 flashcards covering various topics. With my trusty flashcards and a few other resources, I passed.

What I Used to Pass the DP-300 Exam 

Below are the items I used to pass the exam and create flashcards?

  1. First, I reviewed the learning objects and gave myself a 1-10 score regarding how confident I felt. If you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it.
  2. Microsoft offers a free learning path for the DP-300. I completed each of the modules, creating flashcards based on trouble areas.
  3. My weakest area was HA/DR topics. I watched YouTube videos going more in-depth.
  4. I bought a practice test from Whizlabs. This one costs but highlights your weak points. 
  5.  Finally, I’ve worked with SQL Server and Oracle for several years. Tasks like backups and restores are forever part of me. If you’ve worked even as an accidental DBA, those experiences will come in handy.
The best tip I can provide is to study what's hard for you! Don't passively review content that you already know. Most of us want that pleasurable feeling of knowing the content. I'm guilty of this with flashcards, but that's where Anki comes in handy.
DP-300 Exam

What Cards Would I Add

Without a doubt, I would add more cards related to HA/DR. Your mileage may vary. I do plan on retaking the exam towards the beginning of 2021.

Retaking six months later keeps my skills fresh. It’s a guarantee I’ll practice these cards but add a few more.

Wrapping Up DP-300

Please feel free to download the flashcards and use them however you want. For your convenience, I saved them to a .csv file. You can import them into either Anki, Quizlet, or anything you use.

Naturally, the cards are specific to me. Modify them in any way that will help you prepare and pass the exam.

Also, check out Ravikiran Srinivasulu’s post on preparing for the exam. Ravikiran provides informative links to several of the exam objects.

In summary, I’ll update the cards based on the feedback left in the comments below. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 9.18.2021

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