Welcome to SQL Savior! This site’s a mixture of two exciting fields. The first is habit formation, and the second is all things SQL. Several of the articles you’ll be reading are unique ideas. Others detail experiences I’ve encountered over the years.

I’m not here to tell you there is a right or wrong way to accomplish most tasks. Specific habits and systems work in my life. Hopefully, they can work for you too.

A little information about me: Nearly two decades ago, my first job out of college involved supporting customers on SQL Server. Ever since then, data has been a passion. I’m currently working as a software architect for one of the world’s largest accounting firms. I’m also a Pluralsight author. Not to mention being a father of three wonderful sons and a fortunate husband.

When free time is available, I walk, lift weights, and play SNES. That’s all for now!

You can follow me on Twitter as @westoverjared. You can also find my courses on Pluralsight. Finally, you can email me at help@sqlsavior.com.