Code Generating Shareware (MSSQL 2000)

sp_construct_all_standard_procedures - generates select, insert, update, and delete procs for all tables

sp_construct_standard_procedures_for_table - called by above for each individual table
Licensed Software:

DataAuditor - a library of procedures to manage storage and retrieval of all changes to rows in any SQL
Server table. Saves hundreds of hours of programming time!

OOP Class Library Generators - code generators for class libraries for several popular object oriented
languages coming soon.
sqlsavior.com - software home page

Free Software:

show.sql - improved replacement for sp_help, sp_who, sp_lock, sp_helpdb, more (MSSQL 2000)
show2005.sql - version for MSSQL 2005-2016
describe.sql - improvement of sp_help (original MSSQL 2000 version)
describe2005.sql - version for MSSQL 2005-2016
list.sql - lists columns in several formats
sp_easy_backup.sql - simplified backup for 2005 Express