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Here is an article on performance tuning that goes beyond typical advice about indexes and query tuning. It
is a case history where the run time of an extremely disk and processing-intensive program was reduced
by 6 hours:

  8 Hours To 2: Tuning a Large Data Warehouse Load in SQL Server

More performance tips are included in the article below, which is a "best practices" document containing
guidelines for database design, development, and SQL coding. It was written for a shop full of junior
programmers, with little SQL experience, but some of the advice could benefit some experienced
programmers as well. Many of these guidelines should be taken as suggestions only, since most
programmers are independent, creative types, and may resent being forced to follow rigid rules! Be that as
it may, many shops might benefit from a little more structure, and could profitably adapt these guidelines to
their own circumstances...

  Database Standards and Guidelines