DataAuditor is a library of TransactSQL stored procedures which allow DBAs to install and maintain an
history mechanism for any or all tables in a database. All row versions are saved in history tables,
with procedures provided for accessing the audit history.
Three basic functions are included:

Setup:           Setup creates a history table and a trigger to populate the history table when any rows change
in the base table.
Setup also creates a procedure to fetch all changes for a particular row. Setup maintains
multiple history tables when the table structure changes. The procedure created knows about all versions of
the history tables, and is capable of fetching a complete row history from all previous table versions.
can be run on an individual table basis, for all tables, or for a specified subset.

Purge:           Purge deletes history table entries using a concurrency-friendly technique. Purge can be
scheduled to run at an appropriate time and interval. The data retention period can be set individually for
each table, or the cutoff date can be specified at call time. Purge also drops previous versions of history
tables when they are emptied entirely. Purge can be run for all tables, an individual table, or for a specified

Destroy:        Destroy removes all evidence of the history mechanism, either for all tables, an individual table,
or a specified subset.

DataAuditor is licensed software, in the form of TransactSQL source code. It provides a generalized
audit history solution for any SQL Server table, and can save hundreds of hours of programming time.

For additional information
and pricing for DataAuditor, please contact: sales <at> sqlsavior.com, or call
(505) 231-2106.